LED DRL Head Light Strips Daytime Running Lamps Kit for Suzuki Burgman all years - B075C1WHVS

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  • (2) x 60cm BlingLights High Output LED Strips, Easily Install to The Outside of the Headlight.

  • New Design Has LEDs Shine on The Edge Instead of Facing Up, Therefore No Matter How You Flip The Strips, The LED Lights Are Always Shining Towards The Front.

  • So Thin They Are Almost Invisible When Not In Use. Cuttable at the Scissor Mark Every 3rd LED.

  • 30 High Output SMD LEDs Per Strip and Waterproof as Well. Each Strip Comes With 60cm Power Wires.

  • Connect The Positive (Red) And Negative (Black) to Any Power Source Such as Headlight low beams, etc. Then Use Its Self-Adhesive 3M Tape On The Back to Attach On Any Smooth Surface And That's It. Trim off any excess.

  • DRLs are said to improve safety because they increase the visibility of the car to other traffic, especially on shadowy, tree-lined roads and at dawn or dusk. Daytime running lights are already compulsory in countries such as Sweden, and the maker claims they increase safety as other drivers are more likely to see you. DRLs have been mandatory in Scandinavia since 1977 and will be compulsory in Europe from 2011. The installation is simple. Each LED strip light comes with wires, simply connect the positive (red) and negative (black) to any 12V power source such as parking lights, corner lights, fog lights or headlight low beams, etc. Then use its self-adhesive 3M tape on the back to attach on any smooth surface and that's it. Trim off any excess. Specs; Flexible, Waterproof BlingLights LED Strips Each package is include a pair of BlingLights LED strips; Each LED strip contains 30 BlingLights High Output SMD LEDs per strip, long life LEDs never need replacing, 0.8cm wide, 0.3cm thick, it is cuttable every 3 LEDs

    LED DRL Head Light Strips Daytime Running Lamps Kit for Suzuki Burgman all years - B075C1WHVS