• Bell Volt Replacement Helmet Pad - B07BHVZ2B8

Bell Volt Replacement Helmet Pad - B07BHVZ2B8

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  • Volt replacement pads for helmet

  • If you're helmet starts to have an aroma, it's time to either wash or replace your helmet pads, or both. We wash ours, but particularly like having an extra brow pad to swap in. The Bell Volt helmet pads are made from X-Static, which has anti-microbial/thermodynamic silver fibers woven in. They shouldn't get malodorous easily, but when they do they're easy to wash. Still, having a replacement pad set after a while is a refreshing change, almost as nice as getting a new helmet. This replacement pad set is a complete set; so all the old ones can be tossed or bagged depending on your preference.

    Product Features

    • Material: X-Static
    • Adjustable Vents:
    • Fit Adjustment:
    • Certifications:
    • Weight:
    • Recommended Use: replacing old pads on your Bell Volt
    • Manufacturer Warranty:

    Bell Volt Replacement Helmet Pad - B07BHVZ2B8